Messy goes to OKIDO Activity Pack


Messy and the gang are back with an all new series of the hit comedy adventure series Messy goes to OKIDO! Add more Messy Monster fun to your home with the Messy goes to OKIDO activity pack. It includes:


📖 Okido magazine issue #107 Messy goes to OKIDO (worth £5).

🖍️ A World of OKIDO giant colouring poster (worth £7).

🧩 A brand new Messy Monster 30-piece jigsaw puzzle (worth £18.99).


Normally all-together this pack would be £30.99, but you can grab yours for just £19.99! 



📷 Ranulph (4) with his #107 Messy goes to OKIDO.

📷 Eliza (5) and Micah (6) acting in and directing their own episode of Messy goes to OKIDO, an activity from #107.

📷 Naomi (6) with her tasty popcorn squares, perfect for film nights. Recipe from #107.

📷 Sia (5) and her completed Nature Wonderland giant colouring poster. 

📷 Otto (8) and Arlo (4) and their completed Dinoworld giant colouring poster.