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10 Future Jobs of 2040

10 Future Jobs of 2040

10 Future Jobs of 2040
The world as it is now is changing and our society will change with it. But what sort of jobs will our children have in this future? In an age of innovation, the only limit is our imagination but here is a short list of STEAM related jobs that are likely to be vital in the near future.  

1. Artificial Intelligence Ethicist

As our society evolves, so will the role of artificial intelligence in our day-to-day. So it's important that it is programmed and maintained responsibly, right? An Artificial Intelligence Ethicist will ensure that AI is created with strong ethics so that it doesn't display biases and and serves the needs that it's built for.  

2. Artificial Intelligence Psychologists

As the role of AI and technology evolves, some argue that said AI and technology could evolve too and become sentient. With these entities now experiencing human emotions, they're going to need an Artificial Intelligence Psychologist who can understand the complexity of artificial intelligence and how machines learn.  

3. Data Detectives

By 2025 nearly 30 percent of data generated will be real-time, experts say. We will need Data Detectives to investigate, problem-solve and demonstrate a keen understanding of data problems that need to be addressed.  

4. Environmental Engineer

The environment has been suffering drastic changes, and this profession will be essential among the jobs of the future. The main responsibility will be to work with technology and the environment. The need to create new environmental management systems and solutions to help the planet is undeniable.  

5. Extinct Species Revivalist

Scientists estimate that between 200 and 2,000 species die off each year, fortunately, the technology exists to revive extinct species. Soon we will be able to recreate these extinct species and reintroduce them to the world, and help battle the impact on the climate that their extinction caused.  

6. Metaverse Architects

Think 5G is impressive? 2040 could see an 8G ultra-fast wireless infrastructure with immersive mixed reality headsets. The metaverse will be a virtual universe where people can socialise. Metaverse Architects will design online-offline world experiences for tech platforms, advertising agencies, governments and other organisations.  

7. Space Pilot

The commercial space industry will be in full swing in the future, which means that space pilot will become a highly desired job. In present day, the most important qualification is numbers of hours in flight, but for space pilots they will likely need some knowledge of astrophysics, astronomy and engineering.  

8. Specialist in Renewable Energies

Concern about the environment keeps on growing and it will continue to do so in the upcoming years. It will be more and more necessary to think about alternative resources, that’s why this kind of professional is extremely important in our future.  

9. Synthetic Food Designer

Due to the increasing environmental impact of traditional food manufacturing and rising population growth, the synthetic biology field will revolutionise the food industry. A Synthetic Food Designer will be to keep the food supply safe, nutritious and sustainable (and tasty).  

10. Virtual reality programmer

Virtual reality headsets already exist but demand for more equipment is about to soar. All virtual reality adventures will require computer programmers and designers to create these new worlds. Virtual Reality Programmers will have the training and skills needed to deliver in the future.     Science education in early years plays such a key part in a child’s development. Now is the time to join the OKIDO community to help them not only develop knowledge, but also a life long love of learning to inspire them to be scientists that the future needs. Find out more about the importance of science education in early years here.