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OKIDO Magazine Subscription

Explore and enjoy the vibrant world of STEAM learning with OKIDO magazine, your monthly resource for science-packed fun. Each 48-page issue is a treasure trove of activities, experiments, and stories, all designed to engage curious young minds in a sustainable and inclusive way.

What's Included?
  • 48 Pages of STEAM learning activities.
  • Developed by scientists and educators.
  • A new theme every month.
  • 100% eco-friendly materials.
  • Uses common items found around the home for activities.
  • Each issue is crafted with the quality of a book, perfect for collecting.
  • Gender-neutral content.
June's Topic: Day and Night

Step into the twilight zone with the latest issue of OKIDO magazine, where day meets night in a whirl of fun and learning!

  • Learn why we have day and night with Zim, Zam and Zoom.
  • Make a spinning earth model that's truly "world-class"
  • Play their way to bedtime with the enchanting 'The Long Journey to bed' board game
  • Create a day and night Messy wheel
  • Explore the 'Long Days and Warm Nights' poem, written by award-winning children's author Gabby Dawnay.
    And loads more!

    OKIDO magazine is the perfect companion for little learners eager to explore the wonders of our planet through stories, activities, games and more.

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The benefits of STEAM learning

At OKIDO, we champion STEAM learning to spark curiosity and creativity in young minds. By blending Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, we nurture critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication—the essential 4 C's.

Our products make learning a joyful adventure, equipping children with vital skills to navigate and thrive in a constantly evolving world. Through this integrated approach, we help develop well-rounded, innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Linda Dean
Excellent magazine

Great magazine for 5 year old grandson. Lots of activities for him to do.

Christine Sherwood

My granddaughter loves Okido


It's a totally fabulous magazine! Has made learning fun, keeps our daughter engaged on many levels and gotten her curious about cooking again. It also saved us when travelling, eating out and creating the perfect distraction through tough hospital visits. Couldn't be more pleased.

Bonnie B. Mettler
My Granddaughter loves the magazine.

I see many pictures coming back to America from London showing her engrossed in her Magazine. I also think that she likes having mail addressed to her specifically. Thank you for making a lovely present.

Jennifer Pickford

There is so much of interest and not enough time to complete so we are pausing subscriptions for now but hope to subscribe again in future