OKIDO Magazine Subscription


OKIDO Magazine Subscription


Get ready for British Science Week with OKIDO. This  year's theme is 'Time' so we're giving new subscribers a FREE 'Time' issue with their subscription.

In the 'Time' issue, make a time machine, a sand timer and a Messy Monster clock. Learn how to measure time in minutes, hours, days and months AND there are fun recipes, doodles and more!

Offer ends 31/03/24.


Our OKIDO educational magazine is a gateway into a world of discovery, play and exploration.

Each magazine is carefully created by scientists and educators, promoting fun and immersive STEAM learning with a new topic to explore every month. So much more than just a magazine, your children can get stuck in with experiments, recipes, doodles, games and other exciting activities!


  • 48 pages of fun, immersive STEAM Learning
  • A new science topic to collect every month
  • Hours of activities, experiments, games, doodles and stories
  • No plastic bits - 100% eco-friendly
  • Activities using easy-to-find household items
  • Book-quality collectible issues
  • Gender neutral and stereotype free
  • Created by scientists and educators
  • Flexible plans - you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time


This month's issue: KITCHEN SCIENCE!

Let us turn your kitchen into a fun and exciting laboratory of vibrant discovery. With loads of experiments that you can do with items in your kitchen, you'll be sure to have an explosive time! Jam packed with activities, you'll learn how to make bread with Zim, Zam and Zoom, find foxy in the kitchen lab and so much more! Expect things to get a bit... Messy! BALABALABOOMBOOM!