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Space: Wooden Rocket Construction Kit

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Delight and inspire young scientists with a passion for building and space. They can build three classic-looking, robust rockets from 9 interchangeable parts. With strong plastic clips, this set allows for easy construction and deconstruction, creating endless rocket designs.

Skill Development/Benefits
  • Spatial Awareness and Engineering Skills: This hands-on activity encourages an understanding of how different parts fit together and function as a whole.
  • Fine Motor Skills and Coordination: Connecting and disconnecting the robust plastic clips requires precision and control.
  • Creativity and Innovation: With the ability to rebuild sparks creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Social Skills and Teamwork: Ideal for playing with others, children can collaborate and share ideas, fostering teamwork and improving social interactions during group play.
  • Imaginative Play: Set the stage for imaginative and narrative play, where children can create their own adventures.
Materials + Size

Made of sustainable, reclaimed rubber wood, painted with non-toxic paints.

Ages 3+ years