OKIDO Magazine Testing Product


OKIDO Magazine Testing Product

Our OKIDO educational magazine is a gateway into a world of discovery, play and exploration.

Each magazine is carefully created by scientists and educators, promoting fun and immersive STEAM learning with a new topic to explore every month. So much more than just a magazine, your children can get stuck in with experiments, recipes, doodles, games and other exciting activities!

  • 48 pages of fun, immersive STEAM Learning
  • A new science topic to collect every month
  • Hours of activities, experiments, games, doodles and stories
  • No plastic bits - 100% eco-friendly
  • Activities using easy-to-find household items
  • Book-quality collectible issues
  • Gender neutral and stereotype free
  • Created by scientists and educators
  • Flexible plans - you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time

This month's issue: BREATHING!

Get ready to inhale the excitement with OKIDO's latest issue, all about the wonders of breathing! This breath-taking edition is packed with activities that will blow you away. In this issue: 

🎲 Play the Lung Race board game and see who gets to the finish line first

🦊 Find Foxy at the Balloon Festival

🎨 Paint with straws

🍕 Bake some puff pastry alveoli

🌈 Do some 'rainbow breathing'

And so many more activities, drawings and stories to enjoy.