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Don't Wait for School, Learn Through Play at Home!

Don't Wait for School, Learn Through Play at Home!

Don't Wait for School, Learn Through Play at Home!

Why not start a subscription to OKIDO magazine in September to last the whole academic year and help them learn through play at home!?

Whether your child is transitioning to nursery, reception or infant school for the first time or just moving into a different school year, supporting and encouraging your child through this process with thoughtful, hidden learning activities and lots of regular learning-through-play will benefit them (and you!) for the rest of their educational lifetime.

You can have great fun together and really help your child at this time of year. BBC Bitesize recommends lots of 10-15 minute bursts of concentration activities which will be really useful practice for school learning. Children that experience this type of support and learning in their early years are shown to have a better chance of transitioning into and through school life with ease.

  • Use role play and pretend you are in school at home - try arts and crafts, playing with toys and other things that they might do at school. OKIDO magazine is packed full of activities, games, doodles, stories, activities and more for this.
  • Enjoy extended play together - building paper and card activities is perfect for encouraging your child’s resilience, especially if they can finish the activity in one sitting. There’s a making activity in every issue of OKIDO magazine.
  • Race-the-clock games are good for improving concentration (and are helpful when you need your child to get their socks and shoes on quickly!). There are lots of board games in OKIDO magazine - why not try to play them while using a timer?
  • Follow instructions - Giving your child simple instructions to follow helps build their concentration. Try the OKIDO recipes in every issue of the magazine for this!
  • At the end of the school day remember it’s likely they will be tired after school so a simple story or activity together from OKIDO magazine will be enough.

Plus, encouraging STEAM learning skills through OKIDO learning-through-play techniques will help your child’s cognitive skills, communication, collaboration, social skills and will give them the perfect head start to their education.

OKIDO Studio is a pioneering design studio championing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths subjects. Each issue of OKIDO magazine is packed full of hidden learning strategies so that your young scientist can absorb masses of information while happily learning-through-play. Whether a preschooler or already started within the education system, a subscription to OKIDO will advance your child’s learning capabilities, encourage critical thinking and self-led activities and become an at-home library resource for all manner of information, facts and fun.

OKIDO is available as an annual subscription all over the world.

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