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What makes a flower? The four key parts of flower anatomy.

What makes a flower? The four key parts of flower anatomy.

What makes a flower? The four key parts of flower anatomy.
What is a flower? A flower is the reproductive structure of flowering plants. Many flowers that rely on pollinators, such as birds, butterflies and bees, have evolved to have brightly coloured petals and appealing scents as a way to attract their attention. Although all flowers are different, they have four main parts that make up their basic anatomy.  
Petals draw pollinators to the flower, and this is why they are often brightly coloured, showy, and of interesting patterns and sizes. They are probably the part of the flower that has most variation from plant to plant.   what makes a flower?  
Sepals are the outside parts of a flower and protects the inside part while it grows. Normally green and leaf-like, it is possible for them to be almost any colour depending on the type of plant. It is the first part of the flower to grow, it creates a bud around the emerging flower to protect it.   what makes a flower?  
The stamen is the male reproductive organ of a flower and is where pollen is made. When a pollinator touches it the pollen sticks to them and is transported to other flowers on their journey.   what makes a flower?  
Carpel (also known as a pistil)
The carpel is the female reproductive organ of a flower. It is bowling pin-shaped, is located at the base in the centre of the flower, and it's the ovary that produces and contains seeds. A fertilized carpel (from pollen brought by a pollinator) swells to protect the developing seeds. The flower then transforms into a fruit and a whole new plant is created.   what makes a flower?    

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