STEAM Learning Which Way Game

Which Way? Game


This item is not available for delivery to the USA. 

The Which Way? coding game, an exciting strategy board game for 4-8-year-olds where your young scientist will learn key coding skills, while the whole family competes to see who can help Messy find his friends across the map fastest.


1. Define the mission

Where does Messy have to get to in his Oki-doodle car?

2. Plan the route

What’s the fastest route to his destination?

3. Code the program

Construct the right path by placing magnetic tiles on the board.

4. Test the route

Place the self-driving Oki-doodle car on the board and see if Messy reaches his destination.


Ages 4-8
Your child's safety is our top priority. We have removed the small screwdriver and spare batteries from this product.
The car is operated by button batteries, please immediately dispose of them safely after changing them as they are a choking hazard.