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Which Way? Game


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Designed for curious 4-8-year-olds, this thrilling board game teaches key coding skills as your young scientist helps Messy navigate across the map in his Oki-doodle car. Plan routes, lay magnetic tiles to code the path, and test to see if Messy reaches his friends the fastest. It’s a fun-filled race that builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills, perfect for the whole family to enjoy together!

Skill Development/Benefits
  • Problem Solving: Challenge young minds to think critically as they define missions and plan routes, teaching them to strategise and solve puzzles effectively.
  • Coding Fundamentals: Introduce essential coding skills by having children construct paths using magnetic tiles, mirroring real-world programming logic and sequence building.
  • Spatial Awareness: Develop spatial and mapping skills as players determine the fastest routes on the board, helping them understand directions and spatial relationships.
  • Trial and Error Learning: Encourage learning from experimentation as children test their routes and see the outcomes, promoting adaptability and perseverance when faced with challenges.
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Customer Reviews

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Chika Hall
Intuitive and fun game

It was very cute well designed product. It seemed easy for my child to connect with those characters so that my child was enjoying thinking about which way to go. Also it is such a fun to be able to “command” a character (oki-doodle)!