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6-in-1 OKIDO Board Game Box

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Now you can enjoy six of our most popular board games, all designed to engage and educate children aged 3 and over. With its colourful counters, spinner, and six captivating game boards, this box is sure to become a family favourite.

What's Included?
  • Dino Egg Hunt: Embark on a prehistoric adventure as you gather dinosaur eggs.
  • Farmer Fuddle's Allotment: Help Farmer Fuddle pack his vegetables to take to market.
  • Journey to the Sun: Travel through space and explore the wonders of the solar system as you race to reach the sun.
  • Ziny's Paint Hop: Help Ziny finish her masterpiece by hopping through the colours of the rainbow.
  • Captain Messy's Treasure Hunt: Code with Captain Messy and uncover hidden treasure.
  • Noisy Body: Discover the sounds of different parts of the body in a fun and engaging way as you race to reach the brain.
Skill Development/Benefits
  • Strategic Thinking: Navigate through prehistoric landscapes and cosmic adventures, encouraging young minds to plan and make strategic decisions, whether they’re collecting dinosaur eggs or racing to the sun.
  • Problem-Solving: Each game, from helping Farmer Fuddle to coding with Captain Messy, challenges children to solve problems and think critically, turning tricky situations into fun opportunities to learn.
  • Creativity and Imagination: Dive into vibrant worlds, from painting rainbows in Ziny's Paint Hop to hunting treasure with Captain Messy. These games spark imagination and inspire creative storytelling.
  • Scientific Inquiry: Explore basic science concepts, from the anatomy in Noisy Body to the planetary exploration in Journey to the Sun. Children learn to question, predict, and test their ideas in playful settings.
  • Social Skills and Teamwork: As family and friends gather to play, children develop important social skills like taking turns, sharing, and cooperating—essential for teamwork and fair play.