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Personalised Colouring Book


Give a gift that's truly one-of-a-kind with our personalised colouring book, featuring their name beautifully printed on the front cover and a heartfelt personal message from you inside. This special book contains 44 pages of engaging OKIDO designs, offering a unique canvas for creativity and colour.

Skill Development/Benefits
  • Fine Motor Skills: Sharpen hand-eye coordination and improve dexterity with every stroke of the crayon or pencil, laying the foundational skills needed for early writing and daily activities.
  • Colour Recognition: Embark on a vibrant exploration as children learn to identify and differentiate a kaleidoscope of colours, enhancing their visual learning and fostering a love of art.
  • Concentration and Focus: Encourage deep engagement and sustained attention as little ones delve into complex colouring tasks, preparing them for academic success and structured learning.
  • Creativity and Self-Expression: Unleash creativity and personal expression, allowing children to make unique artistic choices that reveal their individual perspectives and moods.
  • Problem-Solving: Develop critical thinking and strategic planning skills as children decide on colour schemes and tackle the challenges of complex patterns, promoting cognitive growth through play.
Child's Name

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Personal Message

This will be printed on the inside cover of the book