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Space: Wooden Space Race Construction Set


Your budding astro-physicists will adore these beautiful space race rockets! Each vehicle is made in three parts, connected with robust plastic clips so they can be deconstructed and rebuilt into wonderful, wacky racers. Ideal for imaginative play, both alone or with others.

Skill Development/Benefits
  • Spatial Awareness and Engineering Skills: This hands-on activity encourages an understanding of how different parts fit together and function as a whole.
  • Fine Motor Skills and Coordination: Connecting and disconnecting the robust plastic clips requires precision and control.
  • Creativity and Innovation: With the ability to rebuild sparks creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Social Skills and Teamwork: Ideal for playing with others, children can collaborate and share ideas, fostering teamwork and improving social interactions during group play.
  • Imaginative Play: Set the stage for imaginative and narrative play, where children can create their own adventures.
Materials + Size

Made of sustainable, reclaimed rubber wood, painted with non-toxic paints.

Ages 3+ years